Nordnes Group consists of several companies, where the main activity is ownership and operation of three fishing vessels

The fleet consists of “Nordstar”, “Nordbas” and “Vollerosa”. The Nordnes Groups fishing fleet mainly targets the species saithe, cod, haddock, redfish and prawn. All fish is being cut and gutted, and frozen fresh onboard

In addition to the fleet, the group has its own mechanical workshop, and trawlfactory

Nordnes Group has approximately 80 employees


The rebuild of the trawler “Nordbas” is documented through a series of movies you can watch below

«The philosophy and strategy has been focusing on reuse, economic operation and social responsibility»
«He who has the capacity, owns the duty»
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Catches of the North throughout the Northeast Atlantic


The Nordnes Group consists today several companies. The main activities of Nordnes AS are ownership and operation of three fishing vessels.

Other activities such as real estate, mechanical services, trawlfactory/center of education and storage facilities, are placed in separate subsidiaries.