Bryggen center of training

Nordnes took over an old fishfactory on Vigra outside Ålesund, some years ago. The factory-equipment is now gone, and instead the building has been totally renovated and houses today an up to date trawlfactory, storage facilities, 100 meters of quayside and a small-scale fishfactory, mainly for educational use. The facility is now named “Bryggen Center of Training”.

All examination of fisherman-apprentices in our region, are now taken at Bryggen. There are also a lot of courses taking place there.

Affiliated Bryggen is the vessel “Nordbas”, which is specially built for training of students in the use of trawl, Danish seining and general seamanship.


Nordnes has from the beginning had a big focus on taking in apprentices. We consider employing apprentices very important, and as a big responsibility. In 2015 we had 10 apprentices, in addition to two cadets. This makes Nordnes one of the largest training establishments in the Norwegian fishing fleet. Nordnes, with the help from “Marint opplæringskontor”, have trained our staff in working with apprentices, to ensure a good and correct way to becoming a certified fisherman or engineer.

We normally take in apprentices in the fall through the Marint Kompetansesenter. Contact us on email or phone for further questions.


Nordnes offers a wide range of exciting and varied positions such as fisherman, navigational officer, engineer, mechanical engineer and so on, onboard our vessels. We offer a workday with many different and exciting challenges. This is far from an average “nine to five” workplace, but the workday is structured and divided into shifts with the same amount of time off duty, as on duty.

Nordnes is focused on elevation of competence and higher education of our employees, and our big goal is that our crews shall possess the best knowledge and competence possible; in all departments, at all time.



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    We have a good and stabile crew, but there will always be some turnover.

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    Nordnes consists of people with passion and experience from commercial fisheries, mechanical services, repairment of fishing equipment, recruitment, innovation, green technology and high competence within the environmental aspects of harvesting directly from the oceans.

    We are always working hard to lead the way for a safer, greener and more sustainable fleet.

    Nordnes AS is owned by Tormund Grimstad and Geir Asle Aarseth.

    CEO, Nordnes AS
    Tormund Grimstad
    Geir Asle Årseth