The processing and storage of candidate information
By sending an application and confirming the consentform, you have given consent for Nordnesgruppen to process your personal information in the following way:

Personal information to be processed:

• Name
• Phonenumber
• E-mail
• CV
• Application
• Reference – former/current employer
• Certificates/course training
• Information gathered from former/current employer
• And all other information sent by the candidate

Processing your information:

Your personal information is gathered, registered, organized, stored and used (processed). The information will be stored temporarily in a internal overview of job applications. The processing will follow GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) § 5, Requirements for personal data protection.
Purpose of storage:
We have made a balancing of interest, in regards to essential operations. The purpose is rapid staffing during crew shortages.
Basis of storage:
The storage is in compliance with the GDPR § 6 (a), Lawful basis for processing: Consent.

Protocol for deleting personal information:

The information we have gathered will be deleted after a given time:
6 months from us receiving your application. We adhere to our protocol for deleting personal information.
Withdraw or change consent:
If you want to withdraw your consent of processing and storing candidate information, you can do it by e-mailing:
All the data we have gathered, will be deleted within a week.
If you want to make changes to the information you have submitted, this can also be done via


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